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Academy of dark arts

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December 1 - January 1

Otherworlde RP Group Application by viralremix

Note: The group has recently done a mass archive/kick out of all inactive members who did not respond to course notes. You're welcome to re-apply in December with your archived character if you would like to rejoin. We'd love to see you back!


It Begins...

Quick FAQ

Check out the Guidebook below for complete information on the group.

:bulletred: How do I join the group? :bulletred:
Otherworlde RP Group Application by viralremix
Fill out the application and submit it to the Students folder. If the application is accepted, you will be sent an invite.

:bulletred: What are the activity requirements of the group? :bulletred:
One deviation (roleplay, story, art) per three months. You don't have to pass your classes but your student might be sad... granted, it's not hard to pass a class if you turn in a quick picture, short roleplay, or short story twice in three months.

:bulletred: I'm intimidated by the group. I don't know if I'm good enough? :bulletred:
Well, you shouldn't be! We have a large range of roleplayers with lots of different skills. Beginners to experts... you'll learn a lot while you're here, or teach a lot. But everyone's welcome.

:bulletred: What submissions do you accept? :bulletred:
Logged roleplays, short stories/long stories, artwork (traditional or digital). Just about anything!

:bulletred: What is EXP used for? :bulletred:
It is most useful in tournaments, but as a general rule, EXP gauges how strong a character is in comparison to his/her/hir peers.

:bulletred: Where do people roleplay? :bulletred:
Get new partners by commenting on apps of characters that interest you. You can also join the Skype Group and join into random small RPs that start up to flesh out your character and get others used to them, or ask if anyone wants to start one with you privately.

:bulletred: How do I join the Skype Group? :bulletred:
Send your Skype username to viralremix to be added to the group Skype Chat.

Read the Guidebook...

Click to read the ILLUSTRATED GUIDE to Otherworlde!


Other Worlde Intro by LukyAnCOtherWorlde Intro 2 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P1 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P2 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P3 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P4 by LukyAnC

Our group has a comic! Active members who participate often will get cameos throughout the episodes - or star in an episode by participating in the OW Skype Group, where the ideas come from.

October Sub-Event!

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 7:09 PM

In the center of a classroom of the Necromancy building, two professors stood in robes of ritualistic garb. It was nearing the start of the Holiday term of the campus, an auspicious time of kookie things to happen, and it seemed they wanted to... test something out. The product of their experiment lay before them, grasping fingers of decay dragging the body against the floor with guttural groans. The lone eye that wasn't fogged over rolled in its socket, looking at the professors standing over them, before smiling quite a... strange, goofy grin.

Almost as if it adored them.

"Looks like what Lily suggested was a success!" the female teacher clapped, her blue eyes bright as she looked to her friend. Not that the student had really suggested it or anything, but a conversation had led to curiosity. "You really can put dead spirits into bodies to reanimate them. A magical zombie! Do you think if they're left alone long enough, they'll fully heal and be able to function again?" The idea of such a resuscitation method could be monumental -- she felt like they were on the cusp of something!

Her friend, also bright-eyed and excited, opened his mouth to return her words of excitement -- only to pause at a strange rumbling heard across the building for just a moment. It didn't last long, but shattering glass, laughter, slamming doors, and a cacophony of sound soon followed. The two professors stared at each other, neither moving while their little experiment pulled itself in a circle with its loving gurgles and coos at them, patting their shoes.

When silence fell, the Necromancy professor spoke up.

"That didn't sound good."

The teachers head outside, where the sight of the Necromancy graveyard is... not looking pretty. Barren, rather. As if the shattered remains of the display cases in the building weren't bad enough...

Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde
Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde

:bulletblue: Rika: *stares at all the empty graves and the mass amount of dead wandering toward campus proper* .... okay, that wasn't what we planned....

:bulletorange: Rax- Did we do that? No we didn’t.. *had to make a double take, wondering how* Hmmm…

:bulletblue: Rika: Well, if we didn't do it, who else might have done it? I mean... we made one.

:bulletorange: Rax- We made one, not.. that many! *gestures with arms* *turns around at the sound of gurgling, glancing at the one that crept all the way there still looking for their attention, than back front* Those ones don’t like us..

:bulletblue: Rika: ...what if the other spirits got the idea from our experiment? *she looked back at the one that slowly inched its way toward their feet* Thing is, they're not coming after us... even if they don't like us- *dawning horror* Uh...

:bulletorange: Rax- They would do that- Of course they would do that. *he answered his own question, falling a bit silent as he watched the rest make their way out of the graveyard* So… Zombies..

:bulletblue: Rika: Zombies... going toward campus... *scratches her head nervously* We can't exactly perform a mass-exorcism or something can we? That could damage the students...

:bulletorange: Rax- Do you really want to have an army of spirits mad at you at the same time? *they could look the other way, it was close to Halloween after all* Maybe we could just… *muttered* let them… deal. *tucks hands in pockets. Glances away*

:bulletblue: Rika: *startled* Rax! Weren't you the one who told me never to let my students get into danger? We don't know what malevolent ones are out there -- they could try to EAT the students... *paused* But it's too many for us to deal with alone... *hands on hips, furrowed brows* ...what if we get the students' help? I mean they'll fight the zombies without us asking but...

:bulletorange: Rax- I know I know but- Back then we had the Astral teacher making beginner student summon demons, this-  *leans down to pick up the one almost hugging their legs by now. The zombie smiles at Rika* … You are right. *soft sigh* Yeah, we do need help.. At least give them a heads up of what is going on.

:bulletblue: Rika: *laughs a little, and pats the head of the zombie, shaking away flakes of scalp and bone from the cranium* At least you can keep this one safe, right? Like... you know, to show your students in the future what can be done? I think it likes you anyway. *nodding, she crossed her arms* C'mon, chin up... it's not every day you can call yourself the creator of the zombie apocalypse, right?

Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde

Rax says:
“So… look at the mess.. we kind of made. It seems we gave some spirits the wrong idea and they took it upon themselves to make their way back into our world. Now we have a herd of zombies roaming the campus.. possibly looking for flesh- please do not try to pet them.

Care to help us? No…? What about if we make this a little competition… with prizes at the end. Ah! I got your attention now, didn’t I?
Here is what you have to do...”

:bulletorange: What's the prompt?: Draw, write, or RP your OC(s) hunting down some zombies, or interacting with them!

:bulletorange: How many submissions allowed?: Unlimited

:bulletorange: Where are they submitted?: Into the "Sanctioned Events" folder!

:bulletorange: How is EXP tallied?: EXP is tallied the same as any event per submission. There's a x1.5 multiplier if Rax or Rika is involved!

:bulletorange: Anything else?: Try not to get bit; you won't start craving flesh or decaying, but there's a chance you may become a spirit for a while. And by spirit we mean spirit without a body, and your body may become a meal...

Rika says:
"But why are we making this a competition...? I mean, we would hope you value your lives enough to want to protect yourselves or loved ones... if not, well, we do have prizes you can work for too! We have points labeled for each of the zombie types that we think are roaming around, and dispatching them gets you that amount of points toward both your department and individual score!

What's in it for you? Well, aside from bonus EXP, we're also offering some assignments passes! I'm sure each of the departments will have their own little bonuses if you bring them to the top of this little zombie hunt, too. Maybe Drake won't belittle you? Maybe Haku won't threaten to kill you? Maybe Katja won't make you kill animals? You never know!"

:bulletblue: How are points tallied?: Points are tallied based on the zombie creations you have in your submission. Docile zombies get 0-3 points, friendly zombies get 3-5 points, hostile zombies get 5-7 points, flesh eaters get 7-10, and hordes get 10 points apiece. Please note that hostile, flesh eating, and horde zombies aren't to be taken lightly!

:bulletblue: Where do the points go?: We will keep track of individual and department scores as the submissions come in.

:bulletblue: Can teachers participate too?: Of course! The more the merrier. Rika and Rax might get in on this too, be careful! They did cause this mess, they won't sit idly by...

:bulletblue: What, exactly, are the prizes?: Individual prizes range from 1000 EXP to the highest dispatcher as well as four assignment passes. Everyone who participates gets a bonus 75 EXP and one assignment pass. Highest contributor of points to the winning department gets a 3-month paid membership to dA, and the runner up of the second place department gets a 1-month paid memberships to dA. If department professors so wish, they can sweeten the pot with their own offerings of prizes~

Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde Zombies Horde

"Now get out there and hunt!"


More Journal Entries

Experience Points

Experience Points
The following is the base level for experience points. The experience points are multiplied by class tier for assignments only.

Score based on quality/effort, technical skill, composition, and background.

Sketch - 2-4 Experience Points
Ink - 3-5 Experience Points
Base Color - 4-6 Experience Points
Full Picture - 8-12 Experience Points

Writing - 1-3 EXP per 100 Words

Varies depending on the quality of the background
Contains Tournament Champion
x1.5 multiplier on base (for writing, character must be a major part)
Contains Class Teacher
x1.5 multiplier on base (assignment pictures only)

Pictures done as assignments are multiplied by the class's difficulty level:
Beginner x1 | Intermediate x1.25
Advanced x1.5 | Expert x1.75



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