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Academy of dark arts


It Begins...

Quick FAQ

Check out the Guidebook below for complete information on the group.

:bulletred: How do I join the group? :bulletred:
Otherworlde RP Group Application by viralremix
Fill out the application and submit it to the Students folder. If the application is accepted, you will be sent an invite.

:bulletred: What are the activity requirements of the group? :bulletred:
One deviation (roleplay, story, art) per three months. You don't have to pass your classes but your student might be sad... granted, it's not hard to pass a class if you turn in a quick picture, short roleplay, or short story twice in three months.

:bulletred: I'm intimidated by the group. I don't know if I'm good enough? :bulletred:
Well, you shouldn't be! We have a large range of roleplayers with lots of different skills. Beginners to experts... you'll learn a lot while you're here, or teach a lot. But everyone's welcome.

:bulletred: What submissions do you accept? :bulletred:
Logged roleplays, short stories/long stories, artwork (traditional or digital). Just about anything!

:bulletred: What is EXP used for? :bulletred:
It is most useful in tournaments, but as a general rule, EXP gauges how strong a character is in comparison to his/her/hir peers.

:bulletred: Where do people roleplay? :bulletred:
Get new partners by commenting on apps of characters that interest you. You can also join the Skype Group and join into random small RPs that start up to flesh out your character and get others used to them, or ask if anyone wants to start one with you privately.

:bulletred: How do I join the Skype Group? :bulletred:
Send your Skype username to viralremix to be added to the group Skype Chat.

Read the Guidebook...

Click to read the ILLUSTRATED GUIDE to Otherworlde!


Other Worlde Intro by LukyAnCOtherWorlde Intro 2 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P1 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P2 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P3 by LukyAnCOtherworlde: Claw Episode 1 P4 by LukyAnC

Our group has a comic! Active members who participate often will get cameos throughout the episodes - or star in an episode by participating in the OW Skype Group, where the ideas come from.

April Assignments!

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 2:07 PM
Helmy says:

Wow, so many of you survived into the next term...and look at all of this fresh meat. We haven't seen so many delicious new first years in a long time. Too bad most of you will die... bwahaha! Or perhaps you'll surprise me.

Bullet; RedRemindersBullet; Red
Bullet; White Assignments due May 1 Bullet; White 
Bullet; White Start updating your OC to the new app!Bullet; White 
(If you haven't already.)

Bullet; White Finish two assignments, earning 3 points minimum each, to pass the class!Bullet; White 
Bullet; White Draw, write, or roleplay out the assignment. Your choice!Bullet; White 
Bullet; White Work with a fellow student, or work alone! Bullet; White
Bullet; White Post the assignment on the teacher's journal.Bullet; White 


April Assignments

Magic Languages

April Assignments

Medical Studies

April Assignments

Astral Studies

April Assignments


April Assignments


April Assignments


April Assignments


April Assignments


April Assignments

Beast Studies

April Assignments

Bullet; Red New Students Bullet; Red

For those of you who are new to the academy, introduce yourself by checking out these memes:

Otherworlde Introductory Meme by viralremixOtherworlde Relationship Meme by viralremixOtherworlde RP Meme by viralremixOtherworlde Roommate Meme by viralremixPersonality Scale Meme by viralremix

Do you need a room mate? Well, maybe here is a good place to ask, hmm? Then you can have a partner to do the room mate meme with! Life's always more fun with someone invading your space to live with!

:bulletred: Features :bulletred:

Some features for the start of term one:

:OW: RP Tracker- Gabriel Azir by Nika-tan|OW| Character Doodles by TheLostArtsPiggyback by Y0uko

OW - 'Touch my face?' by syazapionThe Spice of Life: Thank You, Blue! by IbbledibbleSHD 103 - 3 - Turning into Shadow by devinaaa
OW: Apprehension - a counterpart meeting    Feelings were a mystery to him. It was strange to live in a world where he could see colors second-hand, know their vibrancy, feel the spark of life that came with love and fear and happiness, but everything was a dull muffled echo to him.
    He did know how feelings worked, in theory. Logically. Perhaps not logically, it didn't feel like logic, the way his mind would just throw causes against reactions as if it was tossing needles at a dartboard. And even if the darts missed the target, well, they stuck into the wall well enough.
    Perhaps he was this way because his counterpart was so bright, his thoughts so chaotic and jumbled in his head, and he was just an extension of that chaos. That's how he felt, in any case, like his bits weren't all put together right, like he needed dirt beneath his fingernails and screams ringing through his hears and the world blurring around him from a wild dancing chase.
    He wasn't su
Otherworlde: Lucy and Oliver DrabbleThe small boy’s body shook with coughs as he lay in bed, fatigued from the events of that day. Tucked among bundles and bundles of blankets and stuffed animals, he looked like a small child. Or at least, that’s what the tailor witch tending to him thought. Lucy reached over and placed a palm on his forehead, sighing with a concerned knot between her eyes.
“Oliver, you’re burning up again.” She spoke with the tone of a mother addressing a child, a fact that Oliver’s keen ears did not fail to pick up. He coughed twice before responding.
“I know that you’re intentions are good and true, but Lucy you realize… I’m older than you.” He gave a smile through his mask that didn’t quite reach his eyes, beaten back by the tired glaze that hung over them. Lucy removed her hand and sighed.
“I know, I know. I shouldn’t baby you… But I can’t help it when you keep going out and letting this happen to you!
OW: NEC101-3: Power and ReleasePOWER & RELEASE
"So, we were part of a seance. You, yourself created a seance on your own. What is left for us to see?" The teacher took a moment to think, as if he was trying to come up with something for them to do in the spot. "Well, we saw how to be able to call a spirit to us, but this sometimes is not exactly necessary. There are spirits that are just there, trapped in a world that does not belong to them, eager to be found, heard and helped."
"This next task is a little tricky, and I don't really expect you to be successful at it." That was probably why it was the last assignment of the term. "I want you to find one of these spirits, establish communication with them, and help them move on." The assignment entitled more, much more, but whoever wanted to try, could. "You can do this in groups as well, if you so desire."
Skulls light gleamed rather dim, “Gorduelle it is time.”
Gorduelle’s head panned slowly in Skull’s direction on the woo

More Journal Entries

Experience Points

Experience Points
The following is the base level for experience points. The experience points are multiplied by class tier for assignments only.

Score based on quality/effort, technical skill, composition, and background.

Sketch - 2-4 Experience Points
Ink - 3-5 Experience Points
Base Color - 4-6 Experience Points
Full Picture - 8-12 Experience Points
Writing - 1-3 EXP per 100 Words

Extra Character
xX multiplier on base price (not applicable for written works)
If done in detail, counts as a "character" multiplier.
Contains Tournament Champion
x1.5 multiplier on base (for writing, character must be a major part)
Contains Class Teacher
x1.5 multiplier on base (assignment pictures only)

Pictures done as assignments are multiplied by the class's difficulty level:
Beginner x1 | Intermediate x1.25
Advanced x1.5 | Expert x1.75



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InkyPawzz Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm here again! I'm not even a member (yet) and I'm already excited. Personally, I would love to throw in an admiration note to the founder and their admins. I know it takes a lot to make a group and...and.....-overwhelmed- this just seems so awesome!! I know not many people like that groups are so timely and "strict" but you guys make it FUN! And  lot of people these days are losing insight on how fun rp should really be! I mean yeah there's points in here and stuff, like many groups are, but if you really ARE interested in having fun, I say it's worth it :) I hope I get to know people more and you all seem very nice and playful. This is the first group that I'd actually like to join just for myself and not showing off my own group to ad! I know how much it takes. Like seriously I admire all the work, I can't even ... XD words! Akk nuuu, must say what I've been thinking as I stalk this group before the next term! Oh well :) that should say enough, the fact that i'm speechless <3

Note to the admin: stay awesome!
BlueBlueFox Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer

You hear that, your baby group is fun, awesome, and you should stay awesome. ;D

That aside, WOW thank you so much for your kind words. :iconblushuplz: We do our absolute best to make it open and welcome for everyone to join and settle in at home. Even if the campus itself is a harsh environment, not all of the residents are... ;D

For being speechless, you sure have quite a bit to say~ Haha
We hope to see you in the next openin! >o</
InkyPawzz Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
OuO Haha awww, not gona lie I like that my compliments are being acknowledged, *whispers: It makes me feel spethow!* And baby group? Pfffft it's bigger than MINE and I'm always starting over but still holding like 20-50 members (20 active). Hey it's a start! THATS a bby.

You're so welcome ^_____^ I have a lot of time to make my character all pretty (and badass) to prepare for the next term, and it also gives me time to still work on other dA thiiiiiings. And yes! Lots of words! There's always something to say when I come across something, like the appearance (I know how much work that takes to decorate) and the templates (I heard it's a pain and fun) and adminning (it sucks to be the only one) and you're so right, I'm going over everything and you all seem so nice ^-^ Who wouldn't want to join! Stupid people. Obviously stupid people. I mean whaaaaaaaa....

I was gona comment on most of the character sheets I've seen when I was looking (So I know who I'm gona prepare to meet some day) but I didn't want to seem like I'm raping all of them with "OMG HE"S SO CUTE or HE"S SO COOL" blah blah blah
lizziecat1279 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to see what you come up with for our June opening :D
InkyPawzz Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Not quite sure what I'm gona come up with ^^;
YayaNyau Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eve hehehehe this group is amazing
BlueBlueFox Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for your kind words! >u</

We do put a lot of effort into the group, it's nice to see people enjoy it! ;v;
YayaNyau Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nnnng i'm so excited  i gotta finish my tatakai app then i'll begin :iconheplz:
TwilightAndDashie Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a very stupid question about EXP

When you sumbit your drawings/stories do the admins just comment on it saying you got a certain number of EXP?

Yekrutslover Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! It's not a stupid question at all!

The admins don't tell EXP count per deviation, but they do add the new EXP to your existing EXP on the student roster journal. You can find your total EXP here:  Students and Teachers (New)This document displays the teachers and enrolled students.
Archives here: click
Archived students may re-enter with a newly drawn app.
Department Teachers



Atla Dontae

Ignatia Kalpana


Helmintio Moritz

Haku Sakuran



MDrake Moritz

Kaine Cosmar

In the case of assignments, you don't get EXP for the assignment until the teacher has told you they've given you EXP. Some of the professors wait until the end of the month to give EXP to all of the assignments they have to grade, and some student teachers are not able to give you EXP directly, so the professor of that department is the one that will give you the EXP.

Hope that information helps!
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